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50 Miles: What I learned breaking my personal record.

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Biking is the closet to flying I've got. Here are 50 lessons/things I thought about while biking 50 miles for the first time.

1) Don't stop.

2) You can travel the whole world and still not find what you're looking for.

3) If you heal people, you're healing the earth, because people are made from the earth.

4) Don't stop peddling until you get to the top of the hill.

5) I am champion.

6) Pancakes with ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric are amazing.

5) When you're on a familiar the trail - take a new turn.

6) When you are dehydrated you have already lost.

7) Sleep is fuel. Water is fuel. Sugar is fuel.

8) Electrolytes will save your life.

9) Race strangers.

10) Take breaks.

11) Dream like it's your first time sleeping.

12) Never bike far with your shirt on.

13) There is so much beauty in a smile.

14) Sistas with natural hair got my heart.

15) Being a warrior is ultra important to me, it permeates 70% of my thought processes. I want live up to the warrior that I was born to become.

16) If you on a mission - stay down and finish it.

17) Finish the race.

18) Ride with no hands.

19) Ride with friends.

20) I grew up in this city. But I never thought I would be experiencing it like this.

21) When you look in eyes, I'm almost certain you don't know I am.

22) I have zeal for God's children. I have given a lot of me to Zion Advance.

23) When you wake up in the morning and stand in the sunlight, you get reborn.

24) God is a mighty.

25) Sleep is imperative.

26) The spirit never sleeps.

27) I want to travel to the Caribbean and Africa more.

28) The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The east don't envy the west. And the west don't envy the east. Play your role and don't envy others.

29) Your mind is your battle ground.

30) I know the sea moss the night before helped me out a ton.

(The other 20 thoughts are summarized below)

When I got back into biking during the quarantine, at first I would just bike around the neighborhood. But then I started biking farther. My father showed me trails all around DC and and I found a few myself. My favorite currently is the Anacostia River Trail - such a beauty.

I want to do a 70 mile bike ride soon. But ima rest up the rest of this weekend. By the way, sea moss definitely helped give me the strength to bike this far. If you are interested in getting some check out my shop.

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