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First Generation Black Homeschooler

This will be the first of many posts chronicling my experiences growing up homeschooled. With many people deciding to transitioning to homeschooling it'll probably be good to share my story.

First shout to Mom and Dad for giving me this way of life. Homeschooling is not just about k-12 education, homeschooling is the ultimate way to ensure that your child has a holistic upbringing. Homeschooling is a huge sacrifice. I acknowledge that and realize that it will not be for everyone.

But if you are interested in homeschooling your children, or are curious about how a homeschooled, primarily unschooled (more about this later), black boy from East St. Paul by way of Washington, DC grew up, went to college, and graduated with honors - then definitely stick around.

What I mean by first generation is that my mother was not homeschooled, and at the time I was born (1996) there were hardly any resources for black homeschoolers. And if there were, we did not know about them until years later.

I have three siblings. My mom homeschooled us all. She taught us how to read, write, and do math up to algebra - plus millions of intangible life lessons I am still unpacking. Our mother was our teacher, and our father was the principal. Our dad funded the school and made it possible for my mom to spend her time as the primary educator and care taker.

My parents did not do it alone, as we got older we were blessed to participate in numerous afrocentric and christian based educational communities. These experiences would ultimately develop me into an artist, musician, gardener, poet, pan-africanist, and other expressions.

Here are a few of the experiences outside of school that made me who I am today:

Imhotep Science Academy (A Saturday school that taught capoeira, entrepreneurship, history, lots of other components)

Arts-Us Summer Camp (gardening, poetry, African drumming)

Arts-Us Young African Storytellers

Black Genius (homeschool community for boys)

Sankofa (black homeschooler community)

Project Cheer (piano and guitar)

Rec center (sports)

It takes a village

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