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healthiest drink ....keep me up & running


I love the Sea Moss water by Zion Roar! I never thought I’d be able to drink sea moss but this tastes great and I love knowing exactly what I’m drinking. It’s also such a great replacement for those sugary sports/ energy drinks.


Healthy ingredients that create a clean, refreshing taste...I recommend!

Carla Warner

This sea moss is the best ! It has kept me healthy and Covid free for over a year and giving me energy during healing from surgery ! Get some !


This sea moss water is so healing and amazing, just like its creator! Literally one bottle.... ONE, cured my week long cold. I’m locked in with this company for life. Cheers to more life, love and health!

Thanks Zion Roar!!!! 💚

Kayla Harley IG @beebodi @thegkbabe

It's the perfect refresher. I Appreciate the Personalable Care and Delivery that came with my purchase. I stocked up for 2 Weeks and my body couldn't be Happier.


As a personal trainer, This drink is everything I need on a daily basis. It tastes amazing and is 100% healthy, would recommend to my clients and anyone looking to replace unhealthy drinks with better substitutes! Great drink!


I’ve been on a low carbish regimen but I pigged out a bit. I think my body felt and imbalance to influx of carbs because I started to feel very heavy. I wasn’t able to get a full meal in. Before I went to bed I took the renew tea. I added some fresh ginger to really get the job done. And by the morning I was relieved and I’ve felt great all day! I’ve had some bad experience with detox teas, but this one did what I needed it to do and nothing more!

Amun Achen

I tried the Zion Roar Strength Tea. I took it because I had some cold like symptoms. I was coughing a lot, congested, headachy and feeling fatigued. With strength written across the label I felt the urge to try this tea. After having one cup of tea I felt mucus breaking up and trying to make its exit from my body. Also after having this tea I felt myself having enough energy to press on with the day. Definitely recommend trying this tea.


March on Washington 2020 😊 is when it was Devine that I pass these 3 men humbly selling seamoss drinks. I purchased blue and ginger flavor and went on my way....I drink one as i journeyed on it was absoultely amazing tasting and i truly felt great. So here I am now online getting my order on ❤thank you guys looking forward to spreading the love of your product!

John West

Love this drink I feel amazing & more energized! Definitely highly recommend people buy these products! #SupportBlackBusiness

Alex Ngonga

Words can’t express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon Zion Roar. You got the answers. Our community needs this. Taste is perfect and benefits are even better. Thank you!


As an amputee & former diabetic on a journey to find “Great tasting and beneficial natural products “
I’d suggest you roam on over to Zion so you too can Roar like the Lions!

Keron I.

Quality ingredients for quality products, the best and most refreshing sea moss water I’ve ever had. The tea mix helped with congestion, sinus pressure, and breaking up mucus. 100% would recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested, try the products for yourself.

Ethan S

Zion Roar sea moss water has a unique replenishing quality to it. It's like a more nutrient dense, all natural sports drink. Tastes delicious and is a great catalyst for adopting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Bet drink hands down can’t keep them in the gym sale out with in 48 hours very reasonable price and it boost your spirit

Joseph J.

I have tried all of Zion Roar‘s product and they have helped to change and influence the quality and quantity of nutrients I take into my temple. I brew strength every couple days by the gallon for when I want tea. The Sea Moss Water is appropriate for anytime! Especially workouts. There’s no such thing as one is better than the other, the are both just that good. I’m using this product from now on, I can’t wait for their next product. This is lifestyle that I totally agree with, that being the Zion Roar Lifestyle. Black owned, in the nations Capital, they can only grow. Great job Zion Roar!


Both flavors are great! Whether I’m finishing up a hike or bike ride or just laying around the house, they are both refreshing and I appreciate the quality in taste and it’s healthy! Salute to Zion Roar! You have a customer for life!


Refreshing knowing that I’m putting Raw ingredients instead of processed chemicals into my body.

Brant Preas

My wife and I absolutely love the Sea Moss waters! Blue Ocean is refreshing and can fit into any lifestyle, whether you just wrapped up a workout or just need a pick-me-up during the afternoon haul. The Pineapple Ginger is amazing especially in the Mornings to start your day off with the nutrients your body needs to fuel itself. Recently we jumped on the Strength Herbal Tea, in addition to all of the health benefits( expectorant, immunity boosting, energizing) it also provides a great taste that is perfect as brewed. No need for sugar or even honey. Zion Roar has hit every product we have tried out of the park. And most importantly their customer service is top notch! You can't go wrong with Zion Roar, we drive 3+ hours just to restock. I promise you will not be disappointed.


The first time I tasted Blue Ocean, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe it was sea moss water. It was so refreshing and naturally blue! No additional drama...just natural ingredients.


I absolutely love the Sea Moss Water. You can feel the love that’s put into each drink. It has definitely helped me stay healthy during the pandemic. My favorite is the Blue Ocean, but Pineapple Ginger is making its way up there. Can’t wait til they add more flavors!